Thursday, July 29, 2010

Squirrel Thoughts - Sweating


On my pillow this morning. First thing. And it's all because of these.

Who puts shoe forms in flip-flops anyway?

These are Reeboks. What my husband wears around the house.

Flip flop. Flip flop. Flip flop.

So irritating! And I think he could mass produce them and sell them in the clock department. As alarms. They wake me up every morning as he moves around the bedroom. And the forms?

His words. "I've got to put them somewhere."

Speaking of produce. What am I going to do with all these cucumbers?

I battled my way through a jungle yesterday to find these. I think there are more hiding in there. But after finding, picking, and carrying, I was exhausted. And sweating!

Which reminds me. Duane hurt my feelings because he didn't like my idea of Sweating With Duane as a title for a fitness blog.

He said, "Sandra . . . it sounds so . . . dirty. *shudder.*"

Sniff. I thought it had a certain ring to it. 

And it reminded me of sweating with someone else in Boston. No Reno. I think. Whatever. Wherever. I've always loved Richard. Really. He's very funny. And kind. And I told him about a current stressor at the time, and he encouraged me not to eat my way through it.

Goodness. That's a Heart Truth T-shirt. It makes me look fat. Which reminds me. My chest hurt yesterday while mowing the lawn. I need to sweat more. Join me.

This is part of Duane Scott's Pleasantly Disturbed Blog Carnival. Check other links over at his place.

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  1. Heehee! Okay, so I got a major kick out of this post. Three cheers for randomness (and cucumbers)!

  2. Okay, yeah. Shoe forms in rubber flip flops is kinda weird. How long has he been disturbed?

    Duane didn't like my blog name for his new blog either. I thought would be a perfect name for it. Go figure.

  3. Make cucumber salad. :D

  4. Thinking our cuke harvest may be small this year.. and not complaining.. perhaps I won't have to live through another episode of "Pickle Mania"

  5. Speaking of cucumbers... lol. Loved how random that was.

    I will quell the blows... you can keep punching me about not using your "dirty" suggestion. But you have to admit, it would almost make anybody throw up to have to think that they would be "sweating with duane".


  6. Don't feel bad. He didn't like my idea, either. He's just being picky.

    Cucumbers in sour cream sound great. Too bad I didn't grow any cucumbers.

  7. @Katie: You should see the zucchini I hauled out of there this morning! Like to have wrenched my back.

    @Wendy: Long time. Long, long time. But I love him.

    @Lorna: Yep. Had some. Well, only cukes with Italian dressing. Need to check out that recipe.

    @Karin: I think these are way too big for pickles. I don't think I have patience for that anyway. Can you make freezer pickles?

    @Duane: When you said "dirty," I thought of dirt. Period. Could your mom use some cucumbers?

    @Helen: Oh, my mom would love that. She's a sour cream freak. (Hi, Mom/Anonymous--I know you're reading this.)

  8. Okay, I am new to looking at these disturbing posts...but somehow I feel at home.

    Send some cukes to Richard.

    Or make counter pickles.

    Or slice them and dehydrate them with some dill. (In case you saw me at Nancy's, yes, I have a thing for my food dehydrator.)

    Use the others for shoe forms throughout your house. You should probably devote one upright freezer to housing your shoes (& flip-flops) with the form-fitting cukes stuffed inside. Why the freezer? So the cukes don't go bad and so your hot feet will thank you.

    Did you have a flip-flop-wearing squirrel on your pillow this morning? Just use one of your frozen cucumbers to whack the wild rodents away.

    I don't even know you people (but I have seen you around the neighborhood) so I better back out of the door now before ya run off. Thanks for the opportunity to distribute disturbance. (No, I haven't had much fresh air today.)


  9. I loved this!!! Totally random and definitely a bit disturbed.

    Don't worry about Duane. He liked my suggestion of but he still didn't use it. He made us all work like dogs to think of a title, and then used his own. *Pout, pout ...

    And, uhm ... Richard totally creeps me out. Sorry! :-D

  10. @ASCG: You may not have had much fresh air today, but that was a breath of it for me! That was a hoot. Thank you for disturbing us.

    @Karen: I think Duane just likes to mess with us. We may have to send him to the doghouse with a Sweatin' to the Oldies DVD.

  11. I think hell is full of people in flip flops. My opinion, anyway.

  12. Hi! I cam across your name on Jody's site and I wanted to come by!! I loved your pics... and my kids are cucumberaholics so they would chow those things down. Either that or convince me to make pickles!!

  13. @Billy: I'm with you on that. I must show your response to DH.

    @Erin: Welcome! It's funny cuz I did the same thing. Don't you think those things are too big for pickles?

  14. I am officially jealous of your cucumbers. :) You can put them right at my house.

    I suppose you have zucchini too. And I'm trying to coax even one out of my plants. :)

  15. @L.L.: I wish you lived closer. I'd bring them over, and we could sit out in the yard and admire them and write poems about them, and then we could make freezer pickles together.

    And zucchini? Yes, yes, I do. And they are gargantuan!