Saturday, July 3, 2010

Playing With Poetry

I've been playing with poetry and have dared to post some poems over on my other blog. I think it's helping me to be more creative in fewer words.

Here are a couple of my recent attempts.

Friday Night Baseball

Another Friday night wrapped
in soft cool leather arms
that hold me as I scream
at a box safe and secure
with New York Life
get a life
and the moon peeks
through the branches
as fingers of a soft breeze
reach through the screen
to tousle my hair
while the fireflies applaud
another hit, another run
and the Tigers win
seven to one.

Note: The above poem is in response to a Random Acts of Poetry prompt, A Tablespoon of Summer, by L.L. Barkat at High Calling Blogs.


Clutter berry days
suck sweet juices from my spirit
leave me dry and fruitless
steal my soul blood
and I am not any more
the kind of woman
who will sit back and take it.
I grab a garbage bag.

Note: This poem was inspired by L.L. Barkat's post, Julia Found Words for Me, and challenge to find words "around every corner, inside every ice cream cone." I "stole" some lines from LL.

How about you? 
Can you find words in the everyday mundane? 
Pen a poem about a simple object nearby? 
Something about the photo above? 
Incorporate one of my lines? 
Try it and post it in the comments. 
I dare you.

Copyright © 2010 by Sandra Heska King


  1. Borrowed. :) And that is something I've been known to do.

    I love these. So glad you are playing with poetry. Yes, it will make you a better writer.

  2. "and I am not any more
    the kind of woman
    who will sit back and take it.
    I grab a garbage bag."

    Yesh! You go girl!

  3. This is fun. Maybe I'll give it a try. Glad you shared these with us, thanks!
    Have a great weekend!
    Karen :)

  4. As a fan of baseball...I love it! Although I'm a NY mets fan!

  5. @LL: Borrowed means I have to give it back. I don't want to.

    @katdish: Garbage bags are us.

    @Karen: Do!

    @Jay: It's okay. Different league. At least you're not a Yankee.

  6. baseball and lightning bugs!
    now that's summer.

  7. @Nancy: And it's summer tonight, too. :)