Thursday, July 1, 2010

Squirrel Thoughts - 2

It's Thursday again. Time for Duane Scott's Pleasantly Disturbed Blog Carnival. He says it's a regular feature until October 23, 2013. I don't know how he chose that date, but . . . SQUIRREL!

"I am a bad wife. I handed my husband a stack of TV dinners and said, "Choose one." That's what I posted on Facebook and Twitter pages yesterday. I love some of the responses.

Jody: Hey! I like the TV dinner idea! You were very thoughtful to provide . . . well, something!
Susan: At least you didn't hand him a bunch of women and say, "Choose one."
Duane: That's so wrong. I have only eaten one TV dinner in my life.
Stephanie: Hey, if you're the one who put it in the microwave, it counts as cooking.
Amy: You're my hero!
Keiki: No worse than the rest of us, my friend.
Chad: The fact that you did not throw them at his head makes you at least a semi-decent wife.

For the record, he choose a Lean Cuisine of "wild salmon, whole wheat orzo pasta, spinach &carrots in a basil sauce." And I did throw a bowl of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries at him. Can you picture that?

I had butternut squash ravioli. One of my favorites.

Then he (DH--Lainie, is DH okay?) went out and got me some DQ. He loves me.

How is it possible that Duane in all his almost 21 years has only eaten ONE TV dinner?

Speaking of Duane, I'm reminded of his beloved dog, Pokito, who has his own Facebook fan page but hasn't posted since the end of April when he tried to eat the gerbil. Or did the gerbil eat him?

And that makes me wonder how many robbers carry Bark Off?

I love birch trees. I remember how we used to peel the bark off to fashion and sew little canoes.

I love canoeing. I went white water rafting once down the Chattooga River, section 3 and part of section 4, with Wildwater Ltd in North Carolina. But that was in a raft, not a canoe. And I lived to tell about it. Barely.

We never owned a gerbil. But we had rabbits. Lots of rabbits. On purpose. Show rabbits. Pets. 4H.

Speaking of rabbits, here's a brave one.

Oh for that kind of courage! To tackle a writing project. To tackle life.

Copyright © 2010 by Sandra Heska King


  1. Haha! I don't like TV dinners. My mother also doesn't believe in fixing them. (Not to make you feel guilty or anything)

    And Pokito has been chilling a lot lately. Living a dog's life. I'll remind him to update his fan page once in a while. I promise.

    This was great fun. Thanks for joining!

  2. DH is acceptable. Thanks for checking.

    Making little canoes? What on earth? I've never heard of this, but I'm also not entirely sure what a birch tree is, either. (Don't hate; I'm not an arborist.)

    Duane is lucky. His future wife, in regards to culinary expectations, is not.

  3. @Duane: I remember my mom fixing homemade TV dinners for nights when I got home late from work. Some TV dinners these days are actually better than eating out when one is lazy, I mean busy.

    @Lainie: Whew! I think about you every time I start to say/write a blacklisted abbreviation!

    Birch trees have nifty white bark that peels off. Not good for the tree, but we didn't know that back then.

  4. I am proud to call the rabbit in that video my sister!

  5. Don't feel guilty. You are not a bad wife. When I am tired, my Hubs (NOT sorry, Lainie ;-) gets a choice of hot dogs or bologna and cheese. It's a good thing for me he considers either to be a treat!

  6. I avoid TV dinners at all costs.

    White water rafting is fun, but white water kayaking is the life...unless you die in the process.

  7. @Bun Bun: No. Look again. It's YOU!

    @Helen: It's a good thing for me that my hubs (I mean DH) considers anything he puts in his mouth a treat!

    @Dusty: We saw a kayaker flip under a waterfall. They came back up again, but still . . .

  8. So funny...BTW if you made a TV dinner out Cheetos maybe Duane Scott would eat it!

    Thanks for the chuckles...

  9. Well, my husband usually cooks. Otherwise he'd be eating tv dinners.

  10. @Jay: Oh, great idea. Cheetos with a side of Laffy Taffy.

    @katdish: My husband doesn't cook--except maybe for toast that is nothing but warmed bread and maybe a fried egg. He'd been making boxed mac and cheese for my kids for months when I went back to school--until I discovered he wasn't adding any milk.

  11. Haven't had a TV dinner in a while, but they do come in handy sometimes. Frozen pizza is a good thing to keep on hand too:) Thanks for the links!
    Karen :)

  12. Hi Sandy -

    I like to have a couple of TV dinners in the house for an emergency. When we had the blizzards last winter, I used my supply. I suppose I should re-stock.

    Susan :)