Monday, May 31, 2010

Common Errors in English Usage

Which is correct? Quick!
  • Awhile or a while?
  • Lay or lie?
  • Peel out or peal out?
When would you use the phrase, "Money is no option?"

Or the phrase, "Little to none?"

How do you pronounce, "mauve?"

Find the answers at Paul Brians' Common Errors in English. I've always just called the site "Brians' Errors."

Quick. Fast. Easy. Sometimes funny.

Another one of my favorites. I go there daily.

The above link hooks up directly with the list of errors. However, Professor Brians asks that you also that you check into the index page where he addresses a number of issues.

Another helpful site--and one where you might need a timer if you start to explore.


Do you have a favorite grammar or English usage site?

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  1. Thank you; this sounds like a good resource! I do like

  2. Good site. Thanks for sharing. I make use of the Urban Dictionary quite often:

  3. Thanks, gals. Have fun with it. I like both of your sites, too.

  4. No favorite site. I just like editors. :)