Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Writing Room of My Own--A Tour

It's not exactly a palace.

But it's a step up from the pit. With a penthouse view. Where I can look down on the fields.

I used to work in the dungeon. The furnace room. In the basement. Where I could look up at some face staring at me. A possum. A woodchuck. A raccoon. A skunk. Or a cat. Some critter that sought refuge under our porch. Nose pressed to window. Only one made it inside, though. King Kobe.
Now I work two floors up. In the room where my son slept for 20-plus years. In the room where my husband slept for 20-plus years. At the top of the house. On the north side of this 150-plus-year-old farmhouse. Where it gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Where the floor slopes just so, so that I often have to hook my leg around the desk leg when I work to keep from rolling out the door and down the stairs.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

But it's mine. All mine! A real writing studio. I'm on top of the world.

And I don't need to worry about looking up to see a face out the window. I only have to worry about jumping out the window if my heater or fan or 'puter or another of my many electrical devices catches fire. Or if someone sneaks up behind me while I'm engrossed in my writing world.

There's a bit more clutter here than you'd expect given the dump truck mentality I've described in my other blog. But almost everything has some meaning and provides inspiration.

Let me take you on a brief tour. Or not so brief.
Welcome. This is what you would see as you enter.

I spend hours in this chair. Notice the paraffin bath under the desk? Great way to pamper and work at the same time!  By the way, I hate cords!

My reading place, also known as the pansy corner. "Pansy" was my father-in-law's pet name for his wife.
This is actually a porch rocker from Cracker Barrel--oh so comfy!
This picture hangs above my rocker. A family friend painted it in 1997. She took painting classes after her husband died, and I think she must have been in her 70s when she did this. I've noted many of her paintings in stores around my hometown, and this reminds me that you are never too old to pursue your dreams.

My dad created this relief carving and the pansy letter opener. (He carves canes, too.) It reminds me that God has placed a gene of creativity within me, actually from both parents since my mom has penned some fun poems.
I had to hang this with the rest of the pansies. It reminds me of the wonderful gifts God has given us in our children--in His time and in His way.
What I see as I sit at my desk. I might catch a glimpse of deer or a fox. Once we even saw a coyote chasing deer. And I can watch Gracee as she plays.
Binoculars stand ready for a wildlife closeup!

My son made the clay project in Sunday School. The lamb was a gift to him from our adult Sunday School class when he was baptized. A reminder to let the Good Shepherd guide me in all I write. Well, actually in everything!
A little prayer corner.
Another Sunday School project. This time my husband's--probably over 50 years ago.
The view from the prayer corner, facing east.
I love to chair fly to the bookcase. Not all my books are here. There are two identical cases downstairs as well as on a wall in another room and in cabinets in the garage. Most books escaped the declutter brigade. I'm thinking the white boxes on the top right shelf will be perfect for storing manuscripts. (Will they each hold 90,000 words?) The three white magazine boxes on the left hold research material for my works in progress. The fourth one on the right and the white notebook hold current Bible study materials. The books on that shelf are ones I'm planning to review. I've already written reviews for those on the bottom. The white box on the second shelf, right bookcase, holds material related to the Bible study I'm currently teaching.
Closeup of a picture done by a local artist, Jesus and children. The caption reads, "A merry heart doeth good medicine." It reminds me to be childlike in my faith.
I cross-stitched this back in 1983.

Moving now to my desk . . .
The Lord is my shepherd! Hangs above my computer.
Chocolate for energy! I use the colored Twistables for marking my Bible. The dogwood reminds me of  Georgia (we lived there three times) and of Jesus because of the legend that is attached to the dogwood.
My sister gave me "A Quiet Moment" (Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus) that sits on top of this antique spool cabinet that houses supplies. I seldom watch the TV, but the Worship Network shows some awesome nature videos combined with scripture and music.
Moleskine planner and notebook. I keep another notebook in my purse. Great for capturing notes, last forever, and make me feel like a real writer. Purchased at Barnes & Noble.
And, of course, my bookworm pen.
Compassion International! Releasing children from poverty, in Jesus' name.

A sheep bank to remind me I can actually make money doing something I love. And an aromatherapy candle. Serenity!

Another drawing by local artist, Barbara Bosworth. Amazing Grace! "And you shall call His name Jesus for He shall save His people from their sins." Matthew 1:20.
"The draped ribbon joining these images symbolizes our common need of God's Saving Grace forming the name of the one who alone can offer such . . . Jesus."
Can you see His name?
She also incorporated lambs in the composition to represent the parable of the Good Shepherd.
"Fear not, for I have redeemed thee. I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine." Isaiah 43:1
Given to me by my Precept class more than 25 years ago. This verse has carried me through many trials and doubts.
From my daughter.
From my son. Turn it on for light, shimmering water, and the sounds of birds.
This is a Homedics sound machine that plays sounds of a rainforest, ocean, thunder, a summer night, a waterfall, and rain. Currently I have a CD playing "soothing sounds of the Native American flute." I also play "spa sounds" of Celtic harp and hammered dulcimer. At some point I'll try some soundtracks. I'm just getting used to having music while I work. One of the white boxes holds music CD's and the other holds photo and backup CDs.
Last, but not least, this floor register provides heat. The animals like to lie over it.
I supplement with an electric heater on my feet, so the paraffin bath is a necessity!

And that concludes today's tour.

I'm glad you stayed until the end, and I wish we could sit down and have a cup of tea--or coffee--together and share a bit of chocolate. Maybe next time.

My writing "studio" is a work in progress. My writing is a work in progress. I am a work in progress!

Where do you write?

In Pursuit,

Copyright © 2010 by Sandra Heska King


  1. Loved it! Absolutley loved it! You are surrounded by tokens of love, hope, faith & beauty. The views that you have are magnificant. Thanks for sharing this part of you with us:)
    ~Peace & Love~

  2. In the first picture, the window, not the cat, on the left, do you see those 2 little cards? YOU sent me those. :)

  3. Just when I thought I didn't have a tear left in me from this week...

  4. I love this, Sandy! I have an old table in the living room. It butts up to the center sofa on the left, and the cats sit atop the sofa back and beg my attention. On the right is the glass patio doors overlooking the pond. (Guess what? I keep binoculars on my desk too!)

    One thing I don't have in here is privacy, but with the fireplace on the left wall and the wildlife out the right windows, I don't complain.

  5. I love your writing room. I wish I had one like that. Maybe someday.

  6. @Melinda: Did you recognize the chocolate? Aren't you proud that I haven't eaten it ALL yet?

    @Linda: When we were in Georgia, I had a desk behind the sofa! The fireplace was in front of me, and a big glass patio door that opened to a yard filled with pine trees, dogwoods, and azaleas was to my left!

    @Tamera: Thanks for visiting! I feel blessed to finally have a pleasant place after 20 years in the hole! ;)

  7. Snady,
    Just let me know when you need replenishing...I got "connections to get you more confections"{GRINS}

  8. I love it so much, Snady. It is all so well thought out and full of inspiration.
    Once upon a time I had a special writing area in our great room. When we moved I gave all of my furniture to my Mom for her study.
    Any writing I do now is from our bed. I earned two degrees there, writing what felt like millions of words, so I can't complain.
    Your writing room is absolutely beautiful. You've done a wonderful job. The inspiration it provides is already so evident in your writings for this year. May God continue to bring inspiration and anointing upon every word!
    PS: What? Our friend Melinda sends you confections...and has connections? Hmmm...

  9. @Melinda #1: Deal!

    @Melinda #2: I so admire your persistence and look forward to another million words! Thanks for your encouragement, love, and prayers. And the confections? Purely medicinal.

  10. Lovely! And I don't see hide nor hair of any dust bunnies!

  11. Ha! That's cuz I'm not as brave as you are. I corraled them in the closet. And I'm not taking pictures today!

  12. Sandra, just stumbled across your blog and I love your room! Thank you for sharing....I write at my kitchen computer but I would dearly love a room like yours....Lori

  13. Welcome, Lori! Lately, I've been dragging the laptop down to the living room, to a soft leather chair, to catch a window breeze, and write and surf during baseball inning breaks. ;)