Thursday, January 21, 2010

Arc? What's an Arc?

Snady was in her office, typing away, creating a few posts for her blog there. She was a good devotional writer.

Clickity-clack. Clickity-clack. Clickity-clack.



Somebody call?

Clickity-clack. Clickity-clack. Clickity-clack.



Who is that?

It's the Lord--Snady.

Right. Where are ya? Whaddya want? I been good. Sorta.

I want you. to build. an arc.

A boat? You want me to build a boat? But that's already been done.

No. I want you to build an a-r-c.

Right. What's an a-r-c?

Look it up.

Flip, flip, flip.

The dictionary says an "arc" is a curve forming part of a circle, like a bow. 

Umm . . .You want me to build a bow?

Been there. Done that. (Genesis 9:13-16)
Look a little further.

Google. Google. Google. 

Here's something called a "character arc" and a drawing that looks like the St. Louis Arch and . . . 

Uh oh. Wait a minute. Lord, this is starting to sound like fiction. You don't want me to write (gulp) fiction. Umm . . . do you?

Bingo! I want you to build a story, some stories. It won't be easy, but you're too comfortable where you are. It'll be an uphill climb, a wild ride, and you'll struggle. A lot. But you will grow in the process. And one day you'll be comfortable again.

Trust me. Still.

GULP! Again.

Study, study, study.

Hmm. This character arc stuff seems kind of important. Next time I'll share some things I discovered.

In the meantime, enjoy this Bill Cosby video.

Question: Are you too comfortable where you are right now?

Copyright © 2009 by Sandra Heska King


  1. Loved the clip! Laughed my way through it! Brought back alot of memories..I remember as a child hearing this Bill Cosby story on an LP record player...makes me wonder if Noah could attempt an Ark for God at his age, what could we attempt for God at our age. Hmmm...
    Thanks Snady for being so REAL,

  2. There was old Noah, doing whatever old Noah did, minding his own business--and zap! A little call. A little challenge. A little conflict. Never too old!

    This clip never ceases to crack me up!

  3. I've always loved "Noah." My favorite question "Noah, how long can you tread water." At least that's how I remember it when my son & I used to listen to it. Didn't have time to watch the video today.
    What God ordains He blesses. Looking forward to productive writing for you in the days ahead. I'm certain of one thing. Characters write about characters, well :-)

  4. I think Bill Cosby's Noah is a great example of a character arc.

    Are you calling me a "character?"

  5. Hi Sandy -

    Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a Follower. I've returned the favor. :)

    Delightful post! It reminds me of my own journey. I also wrote only non-fiction when God knocked on my door and served me a fiction summons.


  6. Hi Susan!

    Thanks for stopping in, taking time to comment, and for following! I'm enjoying wandering around your blog.

    ". . .served a fiction summons." I love it. Hard to say no to a summons.


  7. Really enjoying this blog my dear!

  8. @Sharon: Thank you, dear friend! I hope I can find enough good content considering I'm so early in my journey!