Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gathered Together - Word Fun With Animals

Some fun names for animal groups.

A congregation of alligators.
A shrewdness/troop of apes.
A troop/flange/congress/rumpus of baboons.
A cete of badgers.
A sloth/sleuth of bears (general.)
A litter of cubs (bears.)
A colony/family of beavers.
A sute of bloodhounds.
A herd/troop/gang/obstinancy of buffalo.
A clutter/clowder/pounce/dout/nuisance/glorying/glare of cats (general.)
A kindle/litter/intrigue of kittens.
A destruction of cats (wild.)
A coalition of cheetahs.
A kine of cows.
A flink of cows (12+.)
A band of coyotes.
A bask/float of crocodiles.
A herd/leash/gang of deer (general.)
A brace/clash of bucks (deer.)
A kennel of dogs (general.)
A cowardice of curs (dogs.)
A cry/mute/pack of hounds (dogs.)
A drove/pace/herd of donkeys.
A herd/memory/parade of elephants.
A gang/herd of elk.
A business/cast/fesnying of ferrets.
A leash/skulk/earth/lead/troop of foxes.
A tower of giraffes.
An implausibility of gnus.
A tribe/trip/drove/herd/flock of goats.
A band/troop of gorillas.
An array of hedgehogs.
A bloat/thunder of hippos.
A rag/rake of colts (horses.)
A string of ponies (horses.)
A cackle of hyenas.
A troop/mob of kangaroos.
A leap of leopards.
A pride/sault/troop of lions.
A mischief of mice.
A labor/company/movement of moles.
A troop/barrel/carload/cartload/tribe of monkeys.
A pack/span/barren/rake of mules.
A romp of otters.
A pomp of pekingese.
A colony/rookery/huddle of penguins (general.)
A creche of penguins (nursery.)
A drift/drove of pigs (general.)
A singular/sounder of boars (pigs.)
A team/passel/drift/parcel of hogs (pigs.)
A litter/farrow of piglets.
A prickle of porcupines.
A coterie of prairie dogs.
A colony/warren/bury/trace/trip of rabbits (general.)
A herd of rabbits (domestic.)
A down/husk of hares (rabbits.)
A gaze/mask of raccoons.
A colony/pack/plague/swarm of rats.
A crash/stubbornness of rhinoceroses.
A pod/bob/harem/herd/rookery of seals.
A dray/scurry of squirrels.
A stench of skunks.
A streak/ambush/swift of tigers.
A pack/route of wolves.
A crossing/zeal/cohorts/herd of zebras.

Copyright © 2010 by Sandra Heska King


  1. Love these! It;s a great idea; thanks for sharing:)

  2. Hi Sandy -

    I've seen this list before, but it's still amazing.

    Susan :)

  3. I absolutely enjoyed reading this list! Thanks!

  4. @Karen and Susan: Wouldn't it be fun to take one of these colorful words as a writing prompt? I think I could flow with something like a bloat of hippos or a congress of baboons. :)

    @Kristina: Thanks so much for dropping in. I ran over to explore your site. You are certainly living a Plan B life--and looks like beautifully, I might add.