Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Habits: Breaking Old, Making New--Part 1

I bought these today.

Well, I bought the Moleskines. I meant to buy a timer, but I forgot. This is my kitchen timer. Vintage Cracker Barrel. It actually crows. It will do until I buy one that better fits my writing room decor.

Anyway, I've been thinking over last week's post and comments, and I've started to formulate a plan.

Key word: Started.

Currently, my morning routine looks something like this.

Cell phone alarm goes off. I open phone slightly and smack it closed.

Cell phone alarm goes off. I open phone slightly and smack it closed.

Cell phone alarm goes off. I open phone slightly and smack it closed.

Cell phone alarm would not stop yesterday. Because the alarm was really the ringer. Jeremy trying to call to tell me his truck broke down on the way to work. I kept hanging up on him.

I should probably change the ring tones.


Once somewhat awake, I say good morning to God and tumble out of bed. I quickly make the bed (if Dennis is up), which amounts to throwing the comforter up and fluffing the pillows. It helps to have gone all white.

Then I stumble across the hall and turn on the computer.  Next I head downstairs to go you know where and do you know what and brush my teeth. While still brushing, I go back upstairs to hit "enter" so the computer can wake up. Then back downstairs to spit.

Then to the kitchen to flip on TV news, drink some water, and make coffee. Then back upstairs with my cup (see how much exercise I've already gotten?) to settle in and check Facebook and Twitter and do a blog run.

Yup, before devotional time.

Or writing.




So here's my new plan. Just a morning jumpstart. I can only handle so many new habits at once.

I will start my day in silence. If Gracee is here, I will have to get up earlier. When my feet hit the floor, I will force myself directly downstairs. I will not turn on the computer.

Repeat. I will NOT turn on the computer.

Before I leave the you know where, I will shower and pray and let ideas flow.

Then to the kitchen. I will not turn on the news.

Repeat. I will NOT turn on the news.

But I will start the coffee.

And I will open one of my new journals and begin to write. A prayer. Dream memories. Freeflow thoughts. Whatever comes to mind. For 15 minutes. By the timer.

Then Jesus and me time.

Finally, I will get dressed, slap on some simple makeup, and catch the headlines while I break my fast.

No more bathrobe garb. I am a perfeshunal.

Then and only then will I turn on my computer.

So if you see me online at 6 a.m., you know I've been up at least since 5. Or even 4:30.

That's as far as I'm going for now. Obviously I need to work in some exercise and decide on my best study times and writing times.

Stay tuned.

What do you do during the first hour of your day?

Copyright © 2010 by Sandra Heska King


  1. Good girl! I often write in my in my daytimer, "JESUS 1st." It's just a little reminder that when I jump out of bed and get started with my day by busying myself with my 'to do' list, I have put that task 1st instead of Jesus!

    Great post!

  2. Sandra,
    So, I would so love to say, that Jesus is first in the morning, but yikes...what is it with the computer calling our name?? I think that I am going to set the goal for the month of April, no computer time, until I have my God time. Thanks for the motivation!!

  3. @Stephanie: I've tried that before, but if I see things too often, I don't see them. LOL. I've taken all the magnets off my fridge, too.

    @kim: Good for you!! We'll hold each other accountable.